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Hello Friends: 9.27.12- A note of Gratitude

Hello Friends,

On behalf of Pastor John and the entire WSFC Team I thank you for an amazing Summer season.  Summer was a huge step forward in our stewardship and giving.  Tremendous thanks to everyone of our WSFC family.  Your continued faithfulness to give in August and September has helped to bring us through Summer, not just with a level of renewed financial balance, but with a shout of victory!

Along with your amazing response to give in July, August and September finished by advancing forward.  Summer is not often like this.  Together, we have advanced our ability to accomplish the ministry of West Salem Foursquare Church.  As a family and a Kingdom fellowship, we are walking in victory even in the uncertain economic times that surround us.

Stay with me now:  We have many more steps forward to take together.  We still have challenges to overcome, but I just wanted to send you this note to make a clear declaration:  Victory in Jesus belongs to us, as each of us grows together in faithfulness and worship.  I believe that you want this kind of growth in your life, as well as in your church family.  So let’s keep going forward.

Giving is worship.  Giving illustrates that we believe in our Lord Jesus and in our dreams.  Giving empowers the Kingdom culture of our church family, and the goodness that our church family provides to the Salem community and beyond.   The resources of giving, of worship and of service are Kingdom blessings.

We’ve taken three big steps this Summer.  Now, let’s take another one as we move together into the fall season.

Growing in the Blessed Life,

Your brother and fellow servant in Christ,

Pastor Rich Marshall

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