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HELLO FRIENDS: 9.12.13 – Acts 3 – An Important Reminder

Hello Friends,

In Acts 3 we find an important reminder of how we should approach life and ministry with a caring heart.

Peter and John were confronted by a beggar near the entrance to the temple and he was looking for money. It’s unknown whether or not they would have given him money IF they had some. I don’t think it’s inherently wrong to give out money to those in need, nor is the text making that point. However, Peter and John had NO money so they said, “Silver and gold we don’t have, but what we do have we will give.”

They had Jesus.

So they gave him Jesus.

How often do we rely upon money as the answer to most, if not all, things? Are we too quick to throw dollars at something rather than the message and ministry of Jesus? In our culture, even within the local church, we have a default propensity towards money as THE only answer. Have we perhaps overlooked and/or minimized the authentic ministry of Jesus who cared for people: body, soul and spirit. He is the only one that caused a paralyzed man to instantly rise up and begin to walk, leap and worship.

That’s something that money really can’t buy.


Pastor John

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