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Hello Friends: 5.26.2011-Partnership @ WSFC

Hello Friends,

Many churches emphasize the concept of membership. Without losing some of the important elements of classic church membership, I want to give room for this term: Partnership! Why? There is something very alive and active about partnership. It’s not passive. It involves and contributes. It grows and adapts to change and it embraces the power of one another (Romans 12:4).

The following are core aspects of partnership with West Salem Foursquare.

PURPOSE: We have very distinct beliefs, values, and dreams. They may be different than those of other churches you’ve been a part of or have visited. We believe God has given us a clear purpose and we want to fulfill it…hopefully with your help!

AGREEMENT: When you become a ministry partner of WSFC you are coming into a covenant agreement with our tenants of the faith of the Foursquare Gospel Church. You are endeavoring to have a testimony that lines up with the corporate church body and to live a life that safeguards the unity that we so treasure at WSFC.

RESPONSIBILITY: We believe that the life of the church is the responsibility of those that comprise the Body. According to Ephesians 4, the pastors of this church are called to “prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the Body of Christ may be built up.” Your responsibilities as partners are in four key areas: Live Godly, Attend Consistently, Serve Wholeheartedly and Give Generously.

TRUST: Trust is the foundation of any community of faith. It believes the best in one another. It seeks for God’s best in one another. As a ministry partner you are committing to a high level of trust in your fellow partners and church leaders.

NURTURE: In building sincere relationships, we are committed to the continual pursuit of relational harmony, genuine affection and shared life that reflects the value of every person. It takes intentional work to build a community of care and nurture. We believe WSFC should be the first place people think of when they are in need of care and sincere relationships.

ENTHUSIASM: Do you smile? Love life? If so, you’re a perfect candidate to be a WSFC ministry partner. We value initiative and enthusiasm so much. Jesus came to give us life more abundantly so we believe our personal lives and our corporate service ought to reflect that!

RESOURCES: As a ministry partner, we are called to give generously of our talents, time, and our treasures. Classically we find that 20% of the people do 80% of the work and give 80% of the money to the local church. This is an unfortunate but true reality. By partnering with us, you are extending your resources to support the on-going work of the Lord at WSFC.


Pastor John