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Hello Friends: 5.17.12- Hands of Christ

Hello Friends,

Sometimes being a follower of Jesus is not much fun!  What? Can we say that out loud?  Yes, I just did.

There are days, sometimes months when courageous people, who love God very much, go through some pretty tough stuff. It’s not fun! Why do some of these people face these tough times and seem to thrive? What do they know that keeps them going? Perhaps they have discovered who they are in Jesus and that they matter. That they belong to something and someone far greater than themselves.

The apostle Paul’s great, decisive words to the church in Corinth describes that “something” to which we belong. He describes a community, a relationship called the Body of Christ. Each of us have a vital part within this community. What affects one of us,  affects each of us. We are, together, the “Body of Christ.” God is present in each of us, uniting us to Himself and to each other.

All of us have questions about the tough stuff in life. We sometimes do not “feel” God’s presence and we sure are not having “fun.” Yet, we can say by faith that we know who we are and that we belong to something far greater than our current circumstances. Together, we form God’s presence in the world. That’s pretty cool to be sure of.

After WWII German students volunteered to help rebuild a cathedral in England, one of many casualties of the Luftwaffe bombings. As work progressed, debate broke out on how best to restore a large statue of Jesus with His arms outstretched and bearing the familiar inscription, “Come unto Me.” Careful patching could repair all the damage to the statue except for Christ’s hands. They had been destroyed by bomb fragments. Should they attempt the delicate task of reshaping those hands?

Finally, the workers reached a decision. To this day, the statue has no hands. The inscription now reads, “Christ has no hands but ours.”  Again, let us hear Paul, “I show you a mystery. In Him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by His Spirit.” ( Eph. 2:22)

So if this is a season of tough times for you, please recall who you are in Christ Jesus and that you belong to the “Body of Christ.” If you know someone who is going through a hard time, offer your “hands” to them in love. Remind them who they are and that they are valued. They are part of something that is beyond our comprehension. Together we can impact our world if we move forward with the “hands” of Christ.

Joan English
Healing Ministries
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