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Hello Friends,

Next week I will revisit my HELLO FRIENDS series from the Book of Mark on the topics of giving, generosity, stewardship. But now I want to tell you something really important…wait for it….wait for it…

God is Able.

You heard it here.

The creator of the universe. The one who spoke this whole deal into existence; the sun, stars, moon, water, land, animals and humankind. Man and Woman. Only GOD could do such good work.

I’m not talking about lower “g” gods. Those are everywhere and they’re junk. They’ve been formed by human hands and are powerless. Big “G” GOD is the only one worth our worship and praise and the reason we live, move and have our being.

Present tense. Right here. Right now. Oh, I know he has worked in the past and has an amazing track record. And, I’m also confident in his power and sufficiency for our future. His promise is that he will NEVER leave us nor forsake us. But I so love how he is RIGHT NOW.

God IS. Present. Continuous. Real time. Now. It’s been said that he is never late nor ever early, but rather, he is always right on time.

The God we serve is not some weakling being tossed around by a big bully while the world watches, points and giggles. He’s not insecure, fatalistic, nor powerless.

He is Able. Plain and simple… Whatever you stack up against him will pale in comparison and shudder in submission. Go ahead and start making your stack: pain, hurt, death, bankruptcy, divorce, addiction, and adversity. You name it and stack it and it will NOT outweigh God because he is ABLE.

This Resurrection Weekend (April 7/8) we will celebrate that God is Able. Join us at West Salem Foursquare for one of our FIVE Easter gatherings. But don’t come alone…invite friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. Repost our Easter “God is Able” artwork on Facebook. Use the #GodisAble hashtag on Twitter. Always remember though that nothing beats a personal, face-to-face invitation.

Let’s believe God for big things this Easter. In case you’ve forgotten… he’s the one that raised his son Jesus… from the DEAD!

Pastor John

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