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Hello Friends, 

This entire week I am with over 50 students at the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) base in Lakeside, Montana. Over the last 10 years I have served as the “Re-Entry Pastor.” This means that after the students have been out of the country for over three months on short-term missions teams, they have to spend their returning and final week at YWAM with…well…me.

One of my primary tasks is to ask the students good questions. Questions make them think about their last season and about their future. 
Questions are important. Questions are clarifying. Questions leave a mark.
Jesus asked lots of questions. It’s worth noting that throughout Scripture Jesus replied to questions with MORE questions of his own. It probably bothered folks quite a bit, but I find it to be absolutely brilliant!
I want to, like Jesus, pose some questions to you. Will you take some time this week to consider these?
1. Can you sustain your life with less?
2. Who are you praying for?
3. Do you have a good point of accountability?
4. What is your next step for spiritual growth?
5. Are you reading the Bible and is it reading you?
6. When is the last time you repented?
7. What are you dreaming about?
8. How healthy are your closest relationships (spouse, family, friends, & co-workers)?
9. Is there an area of unforgiveness that you can address today?

10. Is Jesus first in your life?


Pastor John
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