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Hello Friends: 2.28.13- Tough Questions

Hello Friends,

It was a year ago today that I was quietly sitting in my house watching a movie. It was my day off, and I was excited to have a break from a pretty heavy stretch of ministry that had left me tired and depleted. Little did I know that a much more demanding stretch of life and ministry was on the immediate horizon.

A call came from my Dad. He was rushed and confused. He said something about Mom falling, an ambulance, and an air-lift to Harborview. It sounded bad, but I was unclear as to the severity of the situation. All I knew is that I should start driving in that direction immediately. So I packed a small bag of essentials and hit the road. My kids were still in school and my wife was on her scheduled flight home from a trip to visit her parents in Illinois. 

It was just me in the car.




The stretch of freeway between the northern border of Oregon and say, Centralia, is already a tough drive, but on this day it was nearly unbearable. Miles and miles of nothing. All I could do was wish I could get there faster. This of course was nothing compared to my brother and his family that, upon hearing the news of our Mom, got into their vehicle and proceeded to drive from Wisconsin to Seattle. 

Mile after long mile of driving, thinking, and praying.

Wondering. What’s gonna happen? Will I get there in time? What will find when I arrive? Am I ready for all this?

Friends, life is full of questions. Strangely enough, many of them don’t actually get answered. At least the way we want them to be answered. Sometimes, like our family, we hear the words: “She’s dead.” Other times it involves a “No” or a “You’re fired.” All too often, we don’t get what we want or think we deserve. 

How do we feel about God then?

Do we still trust him?

Are we still open to his leading?

Will we still love him regardless?

Many questions….few answers. 

And yet God is still God…and we are not.

Are you OK with this arrangement?


Pastor John

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