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Hello Friends: 2.21.13- #loveyourcity

Hello Friends,

This weekend I’ll be finishing up our teaching series called LOVE YOUR CITY. As you continue to engage with social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, we encourage you to use the hashtags #loveyourcity and #wsfchurch. If you do this, you will feel really relevant and hip – which, I know, must be the heart-cry of all humanity! 🙂

Like Jesus, we ought to serve as everyday missionaries to our communities. Jesus came preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, he healed people physically and emotionally, and he gave spiritual freedom to many that were bound by the work of the enemy.

We too can do these things, as a matter of fact, we can do even GREATER things because of the power of the Holy Spirit. To find out more about this check out John 14:12-14 in the Bible.

As missionaries that LOVE YOUR CITY, here are a few questions that we should be asking:

What’s happening in my city?
Who’s moving into my city?
What buildings are going up in my city?
What buildings are coming down in my city?
How many schools are there in my city?
How many people are here in my city?
What is the crime rate like in my city?
What are the goals of my city?
What are the values of my city?
What are the beliefs of my city?
What is the history of my city?
At what times and days does everything come alive in my city?
What do the people in my city love about my city?
What do people despise about my city?
What’s the media saying about my city?
What do people in my city put their hope in?
Who’s hurting in my city?
Who’s succeeding and thriving in my city?

For everyday missionaries, the questions are endless. Keep asking. Keep loving. Keep being Jesus to the people of your city!


Pastor John

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