Stories, thoughts and reflections on the Bible from the WSFC Staff.

Hello Friends,

Once a month our WSFC staff and key leaders have an extended time together for what we call a Leadership Lunch. We pray, share God’s stories, vision-cast and equip our core leadership (and then we do something really biblical: eat together).

Yesterday we had a special guest share at our Leadership Lunch. He is a friend of mine that was up from California speaking at another church in the area. I grabbed him while he was in town.  His name is Jason Graves and his a new author of a book called “Anchored Man.” You can find it at Before he communicated a leadership lesson about the care of our souls, Jason asked each person in the room to share their name, their ministry role and what they see as a strength of West Salem Foursquare. He wanted to know what we were most proud of at our church.

I took notes.

Here are direct quotes from our key leaders regarding our congregation:

• It’s a place for prodigals.

• You can come as you are.

• It’s a fun place that you WANT to be at.

• We have a positive reputation; people know about us.

• We are given permission to wrestle with tough questions.

• We work together as a team.

• We adapt to change.

• We have attached ourselves to the community and are making an impact.

• Our church has “huge arms.”

• We experience the miraculous on a regular basis in the lives of people.

• We are family.

• One word: joy.

Thought you might like to “eavesdrop” in on our gathering!

I love our church:  it’s simplecaringpositive and real.


Pastor John
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