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Hello Friends: 12.8.11 The Red Cup

Hello Friends,


The Red Cup.

You know what Red Cup I’m talking about, don’t you?

Not the Red Solo Cup that you find at parties, ala Toby Keith.

Instead, I’m referring to the Red Cup at Starbucks. Many folks have come to believe IT is the official beginning of the Christmas season.

More than Christmas music, frosty sidewalks, Black Friday sales, or precariously hanging lights from the eves. I’m here to declare that the new official start to Christmas has become the Red Cup….or so I’ve been told (don’t shoot the messenger).

And if that is indeed true then we’ve placed a lot of symbolic weight upon a circular piece of graphically enhanced cardboard with a plastic lid and overpriced java within. Don’t get me wrong:  I’m a fan. I’ve dropped quite a bit of cash for that designer caffeine fix. The baristas know me by name and often have my drink ready when I walk in. I have a Starbucks Gold Card for crying out loud.

So, I too have waited with bated breath for the Red Cup to usher in the days of Christmas.

But hopefully Christmas doesn’t begin and end with a Red Cup. Hopefully there is more to this season than that. More than a cup. More than lights. More than gifts. More than shopping. More than church services. More than family meals. More than white elephant exchanges, office parties, fruitcake and figgy pudding (what IS that stuff anyway?!?).

Hopefully JESUS is in the mix.

He is the whole point of Christmas. Everything else is…well…a Red Cup.  The point is, plain and simple: JESUS.

Be excited about JESUS. Anticipate JESUS. Talk about JESUS. Put down the Red Cup and LIFT UP JESUS!!


Pastors John & Denise

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