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Hello Friends: 12.6.12- Magnificat: The Song of Mary

Hello Friends,

As I mentioned last week, throughout the month of December I will be highlighting five STORIES that revolve around five SONGS in the Book of Luke. This will be the focus of each week’s HELLO FRIENDS emails as well as each of our weekend worship gatherings at West Salem Foursquare. I’m calling this series: SHINE: The Songs of Christmas.  I’m so excited about this series because our Worship/Creative Arts Department has been working diligently to write, record and release FIVE ORIGINAL SONGS to coincide with our SHINE series. Go to to download them week by week. We think you’ll really love them!

Last week I focused upon the Song of Elizabeth. This week we will discover that there really is “something about Mary.”

The Song of Mary comes to us from Luke 1:46-55. This has been called the “Magnificat” and is one of the eight most ancient Christian hymns. The word Magnificat comes from the original language of the New Testament: Koine Greek. When translated into Latin the opening phrase of Mary’s song is: Mangificat anima mea Dominum. In English it reads:  “My soul magnifies the Lord.”

Magnificat = Magnifies

What does magnify mean? Other interchangeable concepts that we could use are glorify and/or proclaims the greatness of the Lord. In a nutshell, to magnify something is to make it BIG.

Does your life MAGNIFY the Lord? The reason I ask is because, by default, our lives will magnify something or someone. We will magnify our possessions, titles, money, personality, or capabilities. We will proclaim the greatness of movies, athletes, bands, songs, fashion, brands of coffee, and computers and phones (ie: MacBook and iPhone)!

Friends, we are made to worship. The question is: who (or what) are you worshipping? Mary’s opening line to her song was: “My soul magnifies the Lord.” Are those lyrics representative of your life?

Who are you magnifying?  Who is BIG in your life?

Stuff to ponder


Pastor John

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