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Hello Friends,

“When the Jesuit missionary Matteo Ricci went to China in the sixteenth century, he brought along samples of religious art to illustrate the Christian story for people who had never heard it. The Chinese readily adopted portraits of the Virgin Mary holding her child, but when he produced paintings of the crucifixion and tried to explain that the God-child had grown up only to be executed, the audience reacted with revulsion and horror. They much preferred the Virgin and insisted on worshipping her rather than the crucified God. As I thumb once more through my stack of Christmas cards, I realize that we in Christian countries do much the same thing. We observe a mellow, domesticated holiday purged of any hint of scandal.  Above all, we purge from it any reminder of how the story that began at Bethlehem turned out at Calvary.” (Taken from The Jesus I Never Knew by Phillip Yancey)

How true this is? How quickly we tend to forget that the birth of Jesus was really the beginning of the end. And the beginning of the end for Jesus was most certainly the starting point for those that would come to believe in the Son of God.  The miracle of his Birth has everything to do with our salvation, restoration and Kingdom welcome.

The facts of Christmas, rhymed in carols, recited by children in church plays, and illustrated on cards, have become so familiar that it is easy to miss the message of the cross.

That is the purpose of his coming.

That’s why we call him Emmanuel: God with us.

Take time during this Christmas season to rediscover Christ in Christmas and may the journey lead you to a point of confession that HE IS LORD!


Pastors John & Denise

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