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Hello Friends,

I LOVE Christmas! I mean, what’s not to love, right? The simplistic beauty of a pine tree strung with lights. The yearly traditions that bring friends and family together. The festive decorations that fill a house with reminders of Jesus’ birth. Sitting next to a crackling fire with a hot drink while watching It’s A Wonderful Life.

But perhaps my favorite thing about Christmas is the anticipation. We decorate, we bake, we wrap gifts, and we celebrate all month. Each day and each moment of joy continues to build up to the one day we are waiting for, the one day that it’s all about. And I love the waiting, I love the anticipation!

There is something so special about waiting for Christmas day. There is something about it that connects us to a bigger picture, a bigger story. For thousands of years the people of God waited for the Messiah, for the Savior, for Jesus. Every year, as I count down the days until Christmas, as I wait, I think about those who have waited long before me – Adam and Eve, Abraham, the people of Israel, Mary and Joseph, the shepherds. They waited with hopeful anticipation for the one who would bring life. And every year, as I wait for one day to come, my heart is stirred with the greater reminder that I don’t have to wait for Jesus. He has come! He is Jesus Emmanuel – God with us!

In the Message version, John 1:14 says of Jesus, “The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood. We saw the glory with our own eyes, the one-of-a-kind glory, like Father, like Son, generous inside and out, true from start to finish.”

Enjoy the anticipation which comes from counting down until Christmas day. Savor the moments of celebration. Remember how long ago we waited for Jesus. And then celebrate that he came in the simple form of a baby, to be everything for all people, to give life and hope and peace to all people. Because that my friends, was worth waiting for.

Oh, and 21 more days!


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  1. Eric Baler on December 16, 2014 at 10:39 am

    Hallelujah sister!

  2. Eric Baker on December 16, 2014 at 2:04 pm

    Hallelujah sister