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Hello Friends,

I’ve asked Melissa Salber to write our HELLO FRIENDS this week. She’s awesome. Along with a bunch of wonderful kids leaders, Melissa and Megan are creating really amazing experiences for our children. I think you’ll enjoy what she has to say below.

BUT FIRST…I want to personally invite you to bring donations of food for our Annual Thanksgiving Food Box Giveaway.  We can accept food up until 4 pm on Tuesday, November 26.  Food boxes are being assembled on the 26th at 4:30 pm in the WSFC Lobby. Deliveries are being made at 6:30 pm.

Thanks for your generosity!

Pastor John


Recently, I had the amazing opportunity of going on a study trip to Israel. Much like any trip, there was much planning, preparing and great anticipation. My greatest hope was that it would be a lasting experience that would bring me closer to Jesus.

Israel is a beautiful country. The sky so blue, the ground so dry and warm, and with history so rich. Great things have happened there: the battle of Elijah, the sermon on the mount, the feeding of the five thousand, Peter walking on water, and the death and resurrection of Jesus, and so much more. When I read the Bible, I’ve often imagined these places looking majestic or sparkling with maybe even a little glitter. (A bit extreme I know but stay with me!) I mean Jesus was there! I’ve always thought, “It must look different, more significant”. If I’m honest, it didn’t! The mountains that I once thought were huge were more like large hills. The Sea of Galilee is beautiful. However, I’m sure there is something bigger and bluer. Everything looked normal. Yet, so many significant things happened there in this seemly normal place.

It caused me to think about how I see my life and city. Sometimes my daily life can feel mundane and average. But the same God who worked in the small country of Israel so many years ago is at work in Salem today. He’s working in the normal and everyday moments that sometimes seem meaningless. So the challenge is, how are we going to view our lives and the things that are happening around us? Choose to recognize that you are a part of something significant. Choose to realize that it is Christ in us that makes us “sparkle” to this city.


Pastor Melissa

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