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Hello Friends: 10.4.12- Interest Praises

Hello Friends,

Over the last handful of weeks we have been in a series out of Luke 8 called INTEREST:  Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Hopefully it’s been helpful for us to look at the four conditions of the heart that Jesus points out in his parable. I’ve labeled them:

1. The Hard-Hearted
2. The Faint-Hearted
3. The Half-Hearted
4. The Whole-Hearted

Which one are you?

Corresponding to our INTEREST teaching series we have had a bulletin board in the lobby for our church to PIN our PRAISESINSIGHTS and NEEDS. Over the next few weeks I’m condensing those down for us to read through. I’ve been blessed watching many of you put items on that board, as well as those of you that took time to read them.

Here are the PRAISES that we’re captured. If you have more to add let us know!


• Knowing God will provide. Thankful that He is faithful and in control.

• Good friends that love through the rocks of life.

• I’ve been blessed with being alive even though I’ve lost half of my right arm. The Lord always takes care of me. I don’t have much but thank God I am not hungry or homeless.

• I was blessed with a scholarship to camp.

• A great youth group and church.

• I was blessed with the most amazing man for my husband! So excited to see all that He has for us in years to come.

• I give praise for learning to trust God in his plan for me.

• Thank you for surrounding me with amazing people that will help me grow spiritually, and for giving me the confidence to trust them with my heart.

• God has shown His faithfulness through answered prayer this week.

• He fulfills His promises. He continually shows me how He is my provider.

• Every day I wake up and He gives me life. I am blessed to continue learning and changing to be more thankful for all I have. Even the little things.

• Lord, thank you for helping me to become more confident in myself and sending people into my life that genuinely care about me.

• I finally have people that I can call friends, and I am so grateful. Thank you so much for everything.

• Made highest honors during summer term.

• My son is alive and healing.

• God delivered a word to each girl at Camp Crestview. The girls chose to be prayed for over having playtime! It was awesome.

• Thankful for the opportunity to have a job that lets me invest in the stories of others.

• God is faithful to His promises! When I cast my cares upon Him and sincerely put all my hope and trust in God, He is faithful to provide every need, using the most unexpected people. Not once have I asked a person for help. In fact I’m usually resistant to receiving help (because of my pride) I continue to tithe at least 10% and only turn to God – not man – to be my Father, Sustainer, Protector, Comforter and my Provider. God is so good! I am thankful and surprised by the faithfulness and generosity of the servants He sent to my rescue. Thank you all for your selfless obedience. Don’t lose heart! You have no idea how big of an impact you make with even the smallest acts of kindness. I pray that God continues to bless you with more and more as you are faithful with the little you have.

• I have found peace from my mom’s death.

• Thank you Lord for carrying me through months of wild rapids to a still, quiet pool of God’s peace.


Pastor John

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