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Hello Friends,

Greetings from the Holy Land. Denise and I, along with our children’s pastors Melissa and Megan, and nearly 40 other folks from WSFC are “running where Jesus walked!”

Because a number of our staff are overseas we opted to not hold our annual “Trunk or Treat” Halloween event this year. Maybe next year we’ll bring it back! We love throwing our doors open and being a blessing to our community! We love having fun! We love making our kids WORK for their candy! 🙂

On Halloween many folks will tend to shut their doors and blinds, turn off the lights and huddle in the living room in silence, lest they be invaded by costumed little ones. Can I encourage you NOT to do that? Instead, open the doors. Turn on the lights. Smile. Invite them to church (but don’t be goofy about it). Give candy…lots of it. Better yet, give out more candy than anyone else on the street! You may even want to set up some simple games in your driveway or garage and have the kids WORK for their candy.

That’s what Denise and I did.

A number of years ago, we lived in a neighborhood that would be bombarded by kiddos on Halloween. Rather than hiding out, we threw our doors open and had some fun. It started small with a bean-bag toss and fishing booth in our garage. Then the next year we invited our small group to join us in setting up more games and opportunities to give away candy. Dozen and dozens of people came. The next year, it became hundreds…in our driveway and garage. We had coffee, cider, popcorn, tons of candy, and Christians, acting like…well…Christians.

It wasn’t rocket science. We kept it simple and unforced. We were joy-filled. We didn’t shy away from talking about our faith, but it flowed naturally and without fanfare.

The year after that we realized that we had outgrown our driveway so we moved it to the neighborhood park. Thousands of people came. It was off the hook. But the purpose was the same: have fun and present the life of Jesus in a positive way. All of this was a result of keeping the lights on and being Jesus in our neighborhood.

You can do this too!

Rather than cursing the darkness, light a candle.



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