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Hello Friends,I’m a lot of things. I’m a husband, dad, pastor, and communicator, to name a few. I could go on to mention other roles such as leader, thinker, community member, American, etc. But, first and foremost, I am a…

Child of God.

And so are you.

As a child of God, I give a lot of attention to my relationship with God my Father. I often muse upon how well I am following Jesus. I find myself thinking about whether or not I’m “keeping in step with the Spirit.”

Bottom line: I am in this for the long-haul. I want to hear “well done good and faithful servant.”  So I’ve been giving lots of thought lately as to what will keep me healthy emotionally and physically and sustained spiritually.

Here is what I came up with.

I’ve made a list of “W’s” (preachers like to have everything start with the same letter…it’s a blessing and a curse):

1.  Word(ing):  I want a Word from God from the Word of God every day.

2.  Worshiping:  Praise & Prayer plugs me into an unlimited power source.

3.  Walking:  This is my most favorite form of exercise. It aligns my body and my soul.

4.  Writing:  I’m committed to blogging, writing articles, ebooks, and developing other print materials.

5.  Waiting:  My Sabbath has floundered for years, but I want to obey God’s Word going forward.

6.  Wrestling:  I love reading about and tackling huge concepts. Big challenges invigorate me.

7.  Wandering:  Driving around with Denise or sitting in a bookstore or cafe’ makes me a happy boy!

8.  Wondering:  In the words of Aerosmith: Dream On. I like to dream and wonder.

What would your list look like? Give it a shot. Write some stuff down that will help you grow as a child of God.



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  1. Jill Stanford on October 26, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    God has been telling me, ” it is time for you to go to church.” So, I now live in West Salem at Salemtowne. I am Jill Stanford 51yrs and my dad, Kirk Stanford, whom I live with is 73yrs. I read about your church and it fits my walk. We will be there tomorrow at 11:15. God bless you and He will. Jill Stanford