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Hello Friends: 10.18.12- Interest NEEDS

Hello Friends,

In Luke 18 Jesus gives us a wonderful parable about a widow that was persistent. We know her as The Persistent Widow (convenient name huh?).

This gal gave us an important model because the moral of the parable is to pray and not give up!

That’s what I want to encourage you to do with the list that follows. It’s a lengthy collection of NEEDS that were posted during our INTEREST teaching series and 21 Days of Prayer last month. Over the last few weeks I have sent you the PRAISES, INSIGHTS and now the NEEDS that I asked you to PIN (get it, PIN?) to the board in the WSFC Lobby.

Here is what you wrote down for NEEDS. Let’s be persistent in our prayers regarding these matters!

• Please pray for my aunt. She has battled cancer recently and it may have returned. She needs restored healing and God’s love.

• May the Spirit of God bring back to our youth the amazing gifts and steadfast faith that once they embraced. Many have gone astray – may they come back to the fold of Christ.

• For God to lead us in our finances.

• Lord, humble my kids regarding the questions they ask about why things have changed, because they are too young to know or understand and I see pain in their eyes.

• Loneliness and hatred are killing me. I need help. I need our Lord God to open His arms to me and a word or two from Him.

• I’m asking the Lord to teach and grow the women in my family – our relationship to each other and that we would grow in grace and love for each other and that as women who love Jesus would be more able to show each other grace and permission to be flawed and growing.

• I want a sign that He is there.

• I need a community of believers that have ambitions to be followers not fans.

• I want my heart to be where You are, because You are the treasure. I love you Lord.

• Please pray for God to make His heart for me to be known in a way that could only be from Him, not my wants and desires. To help me see there is a method to what often feels like life “madness”

• Healing for my sister that is sick right now with cancer. Please Lord help her heal with Your love.

• Prayer for my husband that has been lying to me for years.

• I need true repentance.

• I’m needing God to reveal himself to me in an intimate way. I want to know what it is to be His bride.

• Prayer for my daughter who is a single parent with 2 boys. She is going to college. She needs to find a job. The state stopped giving her the money she needs to provide for her boys.

• My dad has cancer in the kidney, liver and lymph node. I am scared that I will lose him, I’m not ready.

• I need God to continue to protect my family from harm and help us in our walk with Christ.

• I need Jesus to help get my brother in touch with Him.

• Help me not to be distracted by other’s actions. Not to give in to my emotions that try to control my response in a negative way.

• Help me to stay focused on the Lord.

• Help for my brother and family to heal.

• I pray for those to rely on the Bible and not on the bottle.

• Work on the heart of my husband. There are struggles he is going through that I am unaware of, but God knows everything. Give him new ears to hear and Your eyes to see.

• To understand why good things come into my life and are taken away, especially people I love. Wanting to serve God first before myself.

• I need the wisdom to say the right things at the right time.

• My walk with the Lord is growing, but it is not where I want it.

• Give me patience. Help me not to lose my temper. Help me to treat others with more respect. Help me with life’s obstacles.

Wow. These are big things. But…we serve a BIG God. Let’s seek him on behalf of these needs and the people they represent.

Do you have other things to pray for? Let us know. We have people that seek the Lord on a regular basis for our congregation. You can email our Prayer Team at


Pastor John

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