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Hello Friends: 10.13.11- Bold

Hello Friends,

If you have a few moments right now, will you grab your Bible and read this short passage:  Acts 13:42-52.

Have you done it yet?

I’ll wait.

OK. Here we go. Let’s talk about this passage.

This is the next place that highlights a great guy named Barnabas. I’ve been spending a number of weeks spotlighting him in my “Hello Friends” email series.

I really like Barnabas. I like how he always finds himself right in the middle of the action. First, he and Paul were teaching in the synagogue and the Jews and new converts wanted to hear more about the Word of God. Then, the next day the “whole city” gathered to hear the Word of God and it stirred up anger and jealously in the religious leaders. This culminated with intense persecution of Paul and Barnabas – so much so that they shook off the dust from their feet and moved onto another city to  minister.


One could easily focus upon the individuals of Paul or Barnabas, but the real star of this story is The Word of God. 

The Word of God is what stirred up such intense feelings. Acts 13:49 tells us that the “word of the Lord spread through the whole region.” It caught fire and was blazing through the synagogue, city center, and ultimately throughout the entire region of Asia Minor.

The Word of God.

It’s Bold.

There is something very powerful about God’s Word when spoken and ministered in truth and spirit.

Are you allowing the Word of God to spread throughout your heart?  What is it stirring up in you?



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