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Hello Friends,

Greetings from summer camp.

This week I’m serving as one of the leaders at our high school summer camp (and playing drums, which I love doing!).

I’ve been serving at camps for over 25 years, and have functioned in every imaginable role. From cabin leader to game guy to guys dean to drummer to camp pastor to speaker to regional overseer.

I love camp.


Well…because when the people of God get into the presence of God and declare the praises of God, then stuff happens.

Good stuff.

Really good stuff.

And I’m ALWAYS amazed, even after this many years, at the way that God creatively and beautifully displays Himself. It’s impossible to fully comprehend his majesty or simplify his splendor.

He is just TOO BIG.

And I like it that way.

J.B. Phillips had it right when he said:  “If God was small enough to figure out, He wouldn’t be BIG enough to worship.”

Join me today in worshiping our BIG GOD!



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