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HELLO FRIENDS: 06.19.14 – Worship

Hello Friends,

In preparation for our weekend together in worship at West Salem Foursquare Church, take some time to meditate on this Psalm.

“Shout joyful praises to God, all the earth!
Sing about the glory of his name!
Tell the world how glorious he is.
Say to God, “How awesome are your deeds!
Your enemies cringe before your mighty power.
Everything on earth will worship you;
they will sing your praises,
shouting your name in glorious songs.”

Psalm 66:1-4

Our worship involves DECLARING the greatness of the Lord. That value is cemented in Scripture. We are to tell of how awesome God was, is, and continues to be. The volume of that value is varied, however, because in this Psalm we are shown three levels, if you will, of worship.

I encourage you to consider, and integrate all three into your worship expression.

1.  Shout: Joyfully declare the praises of God.

2.  Sing: make melody in your heart and with your mouth in regard to God’s glory.

3.  Say: speak out the mighty deeds of the Lord.

Whether you shout, sing or simply speak out the attributes of our God in worship, the point is that we indeed…worship.


Because God, through his Son Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit is…wait for it…WORTHY OF OUR PRAISE!



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