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Hello Friends,


Enjoy this week’s devotional from my friend and fellow leader at West Salem Foursquare, Mark Burrows.  Mark, like many in our church is following along in our PAUSE Bible Reading Plan and then jotting down his thoughts in a PAUSE Journal. He follows the SOAP Method, which focuses on one particular SCRIPTURE. Then makes OBSERVATION and APPLICATION. Mark then finishes off with a written PRAYER.

Acts 17:28 says, “For in Him we live and move and have our being”

Our Creator God clearly tells us that life comes from Him and Him alone. The questions for us to ponder are:

“Do we humbly understand and recognize the life that God has given to us?”

“Will we let Him be God in our lives?”

“Will we give Him control of our lives?”

“Will we let Him work deep within us?”

“Will we choose to follow Him daily no matter what?”

As we recognize the life that God has given to us, a door of relationship opens up with Him.  According to John 14:6, Jesus is the only door to God the Father. The door is not bolted shut, but rather ready to be opened. If we haven’t, we should accept Jesus completely into our lives and experience all of life that God the Father originally intended!

I need to let go of my idea of what life is about and let God show me where I need to make adjustments in my thinking and choices. Is not His way so much better than my way? The key focus for me today is to surrender all as the Holy Spirit leads. I cannot live without surrender!  I must actively yield and submit all of my life to Jesus.

Jesus, I need Your supernatural help to show me how and what needs to be surrendered to You today. Give me the discipline and strength to obey You even when my flesh says, “No.” Move me to quickly say, “Yes.”  I ask for the ongoing move of Your Spirit upon my life.

Mark Burrows

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