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Hello Friends,


“Peter testified [of Jesus Christ, crucified and resurrected] and exhorted them, saying ‘Be saved from this crooked and perverse generation.  Then those who gladly received his word were baptized, and that day about three thousand souls were added to them.”  Acts 2:40-41

What an awesome Easter season!!!

I hope you were part of the celebration and the blessings both received from the Lord, and given among us in the gatherings at West Salem Foursquare.  But set aside the memories of the decorations, stage lights and balloons.  Like Pastor John said, don’t let hype and style be what influences your soul.  It was a happy illustration, but all that stuff is gone already.  The style stuff comes and goes.  It’s fun, but it will never be the main thing.

When Peter addressed the people who gathered in Jerusalem, telling what he had seen and heard of Jesus the Savior, he focused on the question, how should we live now that we believe in Him?  How they answered that question was seen in the Kingdom-quake that spread in the coming generations.  They received the Holy Spirit.  They trusted the Lord.  They grew together.  And they went “into all the world making disciples”, as Jesus had commanded.

The substance of our life in the Lord will always be trust, commitment, love, and worship.  Oh, sure, we’ll hang up a balloon or two from time to time, but our style will always be for the purpose of building the substance of our love and trust in Jesus.  So now, let’s grow together as a unique gathering in our city.  We celebrate with joy what Jesus has provided – a hope that rises higher and higher.

Rising with you,

Pastor Rich

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