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Hello Friends,

Since October of 2013 we at West Salem Foursquare Church have been studying and growing through the biblical Book of John. I want to give you a brief overview of WHERE WE HAVE BEEN and then give you a glimpse of WHERE WE ARE GOING.

• John 1 – How to Respond to Miracles
• John 2 – Turning Water into Wine
• John 4 – Healing the Officials Son
• John 5 – Healing the Invalid by the Pool of Bethesda
• John 6 – Walking on Water
• John 6 – Feeding the 5000
• John 9 – Healing the Man Born Blind
• John 11 – Raising Lazarus from the Dead

• John 3 – A Christmas Focus on the Love of God

• John 8 – Making More and Maturing Disciples:  Abiding
• John 13 – Making More and Maturing Disciples:  Love
• John 15 – Making More and Maturing Disciples:  Fruit

• John 6 – I AM Changes Who I AM:  Bread of Life
• John 8 – I AM Changes Who I AM:  Light of the World
• John 10 – I AM Changes Who I AM:  The Gate
• John 10 – I AM Changes Who I AM:  The Good Shepherd
• John 11 – I AM Changes Who I AM:  The Resurrection Life
• John 14 – I AM Changes Who I AM:  The Way, Truth and Life
• John 15 – I AM Changes Who I AM:  The True Vine

• John 12 & 13 – Serve Like Jesus
• John 17 – Pray Like Jesus
• John 7, 14 & 16 – Equipped Like Jesus

As you can see we have unpacked nearly every chapter of the Book of John. There are a few still remaining as we approach Easter weekend at West Salem Foursquare. I want to encourage you to look at them closely. Perhaps add them to the your PAUSE Bible Reading Plan over the next few weeks.  The chapters to specifically focus on are:

John 18, 19 – Jesus’ Betrayal, Arrest, and Crucifixion
John 18,19 will be the focus for us at our Good Friday time of prayer, reflection, worship and communion.
On Friday, April 18, from noon until 8:00 pm our auditorium will be open with worship being led, communion being served, and prayer being guided, as we turn our eyes and heart to Jesus who died for us.

John 20 – Jesus’ Resurrection

On Easter, at each of our FIVE weekend services, we will celebrate the Risen Christ through song, stories, and teaching from John 20:20. Together we will “VIEW THE MASTER” and be GLAD when we see and experience His Resurrection Life!

John 21 – Jesus’ Commissioning

For two weekends following Easter I will conclude our Journey through John.


Pastor John

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