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HELLO FRIENDS: 03.20.14 – Acts 12

Hello Friends,

This week’s HELLO FRIENDS comes to you from Mark Burrows.  Mark, and his wife Linda, are faithful servants and leaders at West Salem Foursquare. We love them a lot!  Please enjoy what Mark got out of his devotions in Acts 12.

Pastor John

Tests and Tight Spots

“Now behold, an angel of the Lord stood by him, and a light shone in prison; and he struck Peter on the side and raised him up saying, “Arise quickly!”  And his chains fell off his hands.”  Acts 12:7

Peter was sleeping in prison!  Peter was supposed to be brought before the people after Passover (vs. 4) and may have been ordered to be killed by Herod as he did James (vs. 2).  It seems or appears that Peter was at rest and peaceful knowing that he was going to face the people and Herod’s judgment in a few short days.  However, God was in complete control of the situation, and even sent an angel to release the chains that bound Peter and led him out of the prison, past two guard posts and through the city gate (vs. 10).

If Peter can sleep in the midst of an unpredictable test or tight spot, should we not be able to do the same when we are faced with such circumstances?  It seems that Peter fully trusted God with his life, knowing that He would handle the situation His way and in His timing.  We can do the same! Let’s trust God fully and allow him to work in all situations throughout our day.  Because of God’s great love and commitment to us, we can be at peace as we navigate tests and tight spots.

I need to recognize and understand in a clearer way that tests and tight spots in life are designed to move me closer to God, not away from Him.  Furthermore, when tests and tight spots come (and they are inevitable), I can be at rest, peaceful and without fear.  To be at rest for me is to partner with God and allow Him to lead me.  I am realizing more and more that God’s way and timing is so much better than what I could somehow imagine.  Chains that bind me (internal or external; from myself or other people) are broken when I let God work as He desires. When I allow The Great I AM to really be the I AM of the deepest areas of my life, then I become more like Him within the uniqueness of who He created me to be.

Jesus, I choose today to cooperate with you when I am tested or in a tight spot as best that I know how.  Give me ears to hear YOU well and then to follow through with Your direction…nothing more and nothing less!  No fear. I will find rest and peace in you, because you are faithfully at work in me.


Mark Burrows

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