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HELLO FRIENDS: 03.13.14 – Be The Church

Hello Friends,

This last weekend I needed to get to Los Angeles for a set of denominational meetings, thus missing our West Salem Foursquare family. Because I was there on a Sunday, I went to a friends church and wandered around as a “secret shopper.” It was really great to act like a “first time visitor” in order to give a report to my buddy about how his church appeared to guests that are new.

During a part of the service we were asked to turn into groups of three to four people to pray with those near us. Those can be uncomfortable times, I know, but please know that pastors like myself call the congregation to times such as these because they are valuable opportunities to “be the church” to one another.

So, there I was in a small circle of three other people, exchanging prayer requests and wait for it… holding hands. Boy, that can be intimidating and awkward.

As we were praying for one particular single mom, I saw out of the corner of my eye that she was crying quite a bit. As we concluded our prayer time, we turned our attention to this woman, whose name is Ruby, in order to make sure that she was OK. Ruby briefly shared a point of need and how the Lord was deeply ministering to her during our prayer time.

Friends, Ruby is a great example of why we are called to “be the church” to one another. As you and I gather together for our weekend services and small groups, it is our task, no, actually our PLEASURE, to minister the healing and hope of Jesus Christ to one another.


Because we are the church.

Loved ones, don’t just go to church. Be the Church.


Pastor John

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