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Hello Friends,

You know how there are certain people that you always seem to cross paths with? They seem to frequent the same coffeehouses, at the same time. They shop where you shop, eat out at the same places, and drive pretty much the same routes that you drive.

You know who I’m talking about?

They are the people to whom you often say, “Man, we seem to keep running into each other!” Or jokingly you say, “Hey, quit stalking me…you creeper!”

Anyway, there are those that seem to run in similar circles as you do. Perhaps you should ask three questions:

1.  Who?
Can you identify who these people are? Do you know their names? Go ahead and break the awkwardness and exchange names. I did that recently with a gentlemen named Russ at my local coffee shop. Now we are nearly BFF’s!

2.  Why?
Ask the Lord the “why” question.  Why do you keep running into these folks? Perhaps they have like interests such as working out, drinking coffee, shopping at Safeway, or eating Thai food. Perhaps they have kids in the same school, or work near your office. Then, go beyond that to ask the Lord if there is a larger purpose to your encounters. Is there something for you to pray about, talk to them concerning, or offer assistance?

3.  What’s Next?
This is the point in which you’ll need to listen closely to the Holy Spirit as He gives you direction about next steps. Without being weird, this could involve an invite to church, or asking questions about family and work. This could also be an opportunity to offer prayer if the opportunity arises.

Blessings on your encounters!


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