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Hello Friends,

“Finally, brothers and sisters, become strong in the Lord and in the power of His might… take up the whole armor of God… [so that you can stand in the times in which you live].”  (Ephesians 6:1,5 paraphrased)

Today as I walked through our church lobby, a group of posters caught my eye.  During January our pastoral staff and ministry leaders used these posters to draw your attention to the classes, small groups, and ministry opportunities that are a growing part of your church’s life, available to strengthen you for living well in His Kingdom.

Small Groups / Re-Group / Women’s Fellowship / Art of Marriage / Starting Point

Here’s what I thought as I looked at those posters from across the room:  We are a church family that is becoming stronger in the Lord.  I’m watching that happen, and I believe in the things we are doing.  We are moving ahead as a family, step by step, standing firm in the good things of the Lord.  As a body of people, we are making progress.

But the question comes to mind – Am I personally making progress?  Are you making progress?  Are there strong pieces of armor being added to our lives, our character, and  our habits?

Let me encourage you in this:  If you’ll go a step farther by choosing one of the growth groups that are available in this season, you can provide God a place to pour more of His life into you.  He will give you His strength so that you can stand stronger than you’ve ever been able to before.

This is how we grow:  Worship together.  Learn together.  Take action together.

Glad I’m standing with you,

Pastor Rich Marshall

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