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Hello Friends,

If you have kids, have they ever asked you “Are we there yet?” on a road trip? More times than not, the response from the parent is a resounding NO, even when you’re actually pretty close to the destination.

Why? Because you simply want to help your kids learn patience and perseverance (or just torture them!).

Did you know that none of us are “there yet?” We’re all a work in progress.

In theology this is called “eschatological realism,” which is a way of saying that you and I are in the redemptive process of becoming who we really are in Christ.

John Mark Comer, a pastor from Portland, puts it this way:  “You are holy, and you are in the process of becoming holy. You are pure, and you are in the process of becoming pure. You are blameless, and you are in the process of becoming blameless.”

So, don’t be discouraged about where you are right now spiritually. Keep growing. Keeping learning. Keep submitting to Jesus. And, realize that one baby step is followed by another. That’s how we become mature disciples.


Pastor John

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