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HELLO FRIENDS: 01.23.14 – Romans 2:29

Hello Friends,

Romans 2:29 (partial) states, “circumcision is that of the heart, in the Spirit, and not in the letter”

External circumcision is obviously conducted by man. Internal circumcision (of the heart) is a mystery conducted by the Spirit of God. Simply reading the Bible isn’t enough. Or in other words, gaining head knowledge never replaces the authentic, pure and holy circumcising work of the Spirit in our hearts. It seems that God wants us to transfer what we are able to read, understand, memorize and experience to a deeper place-  the Spirit of the Living God. The two important H’s in our lives are our heads and our hearts. Why is circumcision of our hearts done only in the Spirit and not the letter?  Is it possible that God decided to set it up this way so that we would not be able to take any credit for the work that is only possible by His Spirit? In life, it seems that God would want to perform surgery on our hearts for the purpose of setting us free so that we can be more effective in our lives- relationships, marriages, parenting, jobs and ministry callings. The bottom line question is, “Will we surrender those things that we somehow hold on to and trust Him completely as He cuts away the old or dead stuff that needs to go?” The cutting away process of our hearts will be painful for a moment or a season, but brings renewal and new life of abundance that was not known or able to experience. So let’s let the Spirit of God use the scalpel freely as He knows exactly what He is doing. Will you ask Him and trust Him to do what you could never even attempt and be successful in doing yourself? He is ready and extremely willing to work in our hearts, but we must ask. Don’t delay to obey!

I need to be ready and willing to allow the scalpel of the Spirit to have complete access to do what only He can do. I trust You, Lord and humble myself so You can work effectively and effortlessly. Prepare me now for what You will require of me through this powerful and promising process. I believe that I will be changed because of who You are and how You are working in my heart. Give me patience with perseverance.  Amen – so be it!

Thank you Lord that You love me enough to never give up on me and continually try to  draw me closer to You. How many times am I clueless as to Your Spirit and what You are doing (or at least trying to do) in me? Sorry Lord. I refuse to quit seeking You. Forgive me for not seeing and recognizing how good You are to me – all the time!

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