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Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving.

Denise and I are seriously thankful for our church. If you’re reading this and you regularly attend West Salem Foursquare Church, then that’s YOU.

If you’re on this email list and yet, for whatever reason, do not attend WSFC… well, then we’re still thankful for YOU. If you’re from out of town, then we hope you’re plugged into a life-giving congregation near you.

If you live in or around Salem, Oregon and you don’t attend WSFC, then we encourage you to search out a good church and jump in with both feet. If it’s been awhile since you’ve been to WSFC, you might be surprised. We’re a church that works hard to be simple, caring, positive and real. We have an amazing children’s ministry. Really engaging worship. Strong, good coffee (not like you usually find at a church). We have a bunch of groups, classes, and events designed specifically for a bunch of friendly and fun people.

And…if we don’t mind saying, our Bible teachers are winsome and wise, and the messages are solid.

So…bottom line:  we’re thankful for our church.

And the church is YOU.


John & Denise