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Happy Fall Y’all!

Hello Friends,




Do I dare ask if there are any others as ecstatic about Fall as me? I’m sure there are mixed reviews when it comes to this particular change in seasons but whether the changing colors of nature, less daylight hours, back to school routine or the beginning of the NFL season (Go NINERS!) is your thing or not, I think we can all agree sometimes the start of something new is refreshing. For me, Fall is a huge reminder of just that!

One thing is evident as I write this, just as the seasons come and go, so will each of the things I mentioned above. The dead leaves will be replaced with budding flowers. The days will begin to get a little longer. School will wrap up just as quickly as it began. And another team will be declared “Super Bowl Champs”. God has a subtle way of beginning something new even when we don’t feel ready for it. Sometimes this is within us, other times He is working it out around us. I urge you to embrace the new today and seek what the Lord has for you during this beautiful season.


Middle School Youth Group is something new I’m choosing to spend a minute highlighting. I’m slightly too old to attend but this group is one I have prayed for. Something I have waited patiently for. This particular age group is not only close to my heart because I now have a child attending, but it’s also special because a lot of these preteens have grown up in Children’s Ministry and I have had the privilege of witnessing the Lord working in & through so many of their lives. It’s a beautiful thing to experience 30+ middle schoolers worshiping together. Here’s just a glimpse but If you have the opportunity to drop in and check out our Middle School Youth during the 11:00 service, I promise you will leave fired up!



If you’re looking for a new way to let God move in your life consider joining a small group. Groups will begin in October. Serving is another great way to get involved and meet new faces.



Lorena Akerman

Assistant Children’s Pastor