Reading Plans

One of the best ways to stay engaged with Scripture throughout the year is to use a Bible reading plan. There are a lot of reading plans out there – it can feel overwhelming sometimes. We have created our own plan called the Pause Bible Reading Plan. It will take you chronologically through the whole Bible in one year. We also recommend the Read Scripture Plan. It is a great resource to learn more about what you are reading.


Here are four fantastic apps that allow you to take the Bible with you wherever you go. YouVersion is the Bible app (free). With hundreds of reading plans and devotionals, you can highlight, make notes and share insights with friends. Read Scripture (free) walks you through 16 inflection points of Scripture with videos from our friends at The Bible Project. Fall in love with listening to the Bible with the Dwell Scripture listening app (free version and paid version available). The Verses app is a great resource for meditating and memorizing scripture (free and paid versions available). Happy reading!


You don’t have to read your Bible alone. Listen to the thoughtful consideration of the meaning of Scripture’s overarching storyline, key words and themes on The Bible Project podcast, hosted by Dr. Tim Mackie and Jon Collins. In addition, we think you’ll love Dr. Mackie’s sermon podcast Exploring My Strange Bible.