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Years ago I heard a preacher by the name of Andy Stanley say this:  “Do for one what you wish you could do for all.”

I took that to heart. It was a timely point of instruction for me, because I had been in an extended season of something known as “compassion fatigue.” Compassion fatigue is that feeling of being overwhelmed by the magnitude of great need on our planet. We can be bombarded so many requests for money, time, energy, serving, and fixing, that we kind of “shut down” emotionally. It seems as if the need is limitless, whereas our ability to meet those needs certainly has limits.

Which is why we should focus on the ONE.

Who is the one person you can pray for?

Who is the one person you can serve wholeheartedly?

What is the one need that you can meet with your resources?

Of course, you should always start with those closest to you, such as your spouse and family members. Then extend beyond that to love and reach those at work, school, and your community. From there, consider how you can minister to the broader, global planet in which we live; extending the love of Jesus to a desperate world.  You won’t be able to meet every need, but you can start with one, and see where it takes you.

Again, start with ONE and see where it takes you. I think you’ll be surprised (not fatigued) by the ONES that are ministered to through your faithfulness.



P.S. This weekend at West Salem Foursquare we will be highlighting some opportunities for you to be a blessing to the ONE through such ministries as Compassion International, Jacaranda Ministries in Kenya, and our Foursquare Mission in Alaska.