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Hello Friends,

I found this series of pictures today entitled “Bad Parenting” and laughed pretty hard. Then I nearly cried. Not the kinda crying that comes from laughing really hard, but rather the kind that comes from the realization that the photos had touched a couple of sensitive nerves.

I thought about my own upbringing. Were there areas of my life that “fell through the cracks” as I followed my parents leadership? Undoubtably that would be true. Now, was my childhood horrible? No. But was it perfect? Again, no. Myself and our pastoral staff work with people everyday that have struggles that root back into their upbringing. Some would say that they learned “what not to do” from their parents. Others had little to no parental interaction or care. Others have been seriously marked and marred by poor parenting. When I think about all of these scenarios, I have to ask: “Is there such a thing as a perfect family?”

I also thought about what my kids might say about Denise and I later in life. Would they have regrets, pains and flaws that can be traced back to me and my wife? Like the mother duck in the enclosed series of pictures, have our kids been following us only to fall through the cracks at some point along the way?  Is it possible to do all the right things and still loose your children? These are hard questions.

Bottom line: parenting is tough. It’s not for the faint of heart. And frankly, it should make you a better pray-er. The longer I parent my kids, the more I realize just how much I need God! After all, he is our Father, and he loves his kids.


Pastor John


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