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Faithful Giving

Hello Friends,


Here we are at the beginning.  It’s nice to have a fresh new year ahead of us.

In the next few weeks your individual annual giving statement will be made available.  Each year when you review how you have shared in giving, I trust that you’ll use the opportunity to ask the Lord to lead you into even greater faithfulness and generosity in the New Year.  Your personal view of His generosity toward you will help you determine your plans for giving.  Worship the Lord for His gifts to you, because, as the scripture says, “We love Him because He first loved us, and gave Himself for us.”

Our church is not all about money or budgets or obligations.  Our church and its Pastor is about faithfully growing mature as we follow Jesus in this life.  Key words:  faithfully growing mature.  These good things happen in you and in me intentionally, not by chance, and not passively.  Let’s look at a few benefits I’ve found from increased giving:

• Giving opens the way to clarity.  When you set and joyfully follow through with your commitment to give, the purpose and direction of your life becomes more clear to you.
• Giving opens the way to blessing from God.  Giving is Christ-like.  When you use the resources and money that you gain to bless others, and to care for your church, you put yourself in position for the Lord to bless you more.  Give and He will give to you, over and over again.
• Giving makes your income more valuable in your hands.  If you determine to give the first of your income to thankfully honor the Lord’s gifts to you, then you will use all the rest of your income much more wisely.  Your needs will be met because of your increased faith, clear-mindedness, and God’s added blessings.

You can use new ways to give.  Many of us don’t carry a checkbook anymore, and who carries more than just enough cash to buy coffee?  Use electronic methods for your giving.  Here are three ways to give generously in the electronic age.

1. WEBSITE.  Go to and click on the GIVE button.  It’s secure, it’s easy the first time, and a snap every time after that.  And you can set up a regular, recurring gift.  About 20% of WSFC giving now comes through the website GIVE option.  On your smartphone, add to your home page to make the church website even easier to access.  You might find yourself using it at offering time at church.
2. BANKING.  You probably use your bank’s automatic bill pay feature.  You can easily set up either one-time, or scheduled gifts to WSFC using auto pay.  Dozens of people already use this convenience.
3. TEXT.  Use text-to-give by texting our dedicated number 5034769393, with your chosen amount in the message box.  Easy setup instructions will arrive in just a minute.

God will always lead us into increasing generosity.  At WSFC you are part of a family that does great things in the community, leads people into new life in Christ, and just plain loves you.  2016 is going to be a great New Year.  Your gifts are foundational to the goals and visions that we can achieve together.  Join me in the increase of love, fun, and generosity.

Pastor Rich Marshall
Executive Pastor
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