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Even God Took A Day Off

This weeks Hello Friends is brought you by our Worship Pastor, Cory Knowland.  Cory has a heart for using creative arts and worship as a way to connect with God, grow in our Walk and serve God using our talents.  I asked him to write about something God has laid on his heart recently. ~ John

I spent the day with my wife Cathy yesterday. We drove around the valley, took the Wheatland Ferry across the Willamette ($2), got a soda and some sunflower seeds ($5), and sat in a part in Dayton and talked, dreamed, planned, laughed and enjoyed being alive in Christ together (priceless).

Years ago I sat with an “expert” in time management. He happened to be in the company office where I was an account exec, and we mused how little time there is these days to get it all done. I asked him how he, as a sought after speaker, national product rep, budding author (don’t ask me his name, I was too busy to write it down), father and husband managed to do all he did and still have a productive life, family and hobbies. His answer at first seemed juvenile and even a bit irresponsible. He told me he would periodically take the stack of files, papers and tasks on his desk and scoop them into the garbage, and then go spend time with his family and friends and enjoy his life. The really necessary and important ones, the ones that would make him money, would call back and follow up with him. He realized that not every task needed to be done by him, and not at that very moment.

Talk about wrecking my philosophy of life!

Now, he didn’t do this every day, week, or month. And please don’t go to work tomorrow and toss your files or tasks in the trash, and take in a movie instead. Catch the “spirit” of this. At times, when the busyness of keeping up with all the little stuff; the busy work; things that are big but not necessarily “urgent”; and the distractions of the pace of life we embrace, is there something that needs to be tossed…at least for a while? Believe me, this question is for me more than anyone.

Even God took a day off.

The technologies we use daily that snap us to attention when they ring, ding, buzz, vibrate or play our favorite Christian ring-tone to remind us that our attention is “demanded” now, has many of us moving from task, to event, to crisis, to fun so fast we’re not even really aware of the beauty of God all around us. No wonder weariness is an American epidemic. When Charles Hummel wrote his classic essay ‘Tyranny of the Urgent,’ in 1967, he identified the telephone as among the worst offenders against our peace and complacency. And that was before we carried it with us everywhere, embellished with email, computers, cameras, downloadable ring tones and music files. How about “National Cell Phone Off Day”?

Jesus took a break now and then. He got away from everyone and everything. Yes, he prayed. He fasted. But He also rested, enjoyed a good meal with friends, took long walks with His Father, and He enjoyed beauty all around him. Okay, so He created it all, but Jesus modeled something I’ve struggle with most of my life. That is to stop, take a deep breath and “regularly” enjoy creation….He made it for us!

Question number one of the Westminster Catechism (there’s 107 of them…), a historic and globally accepted apologetic for Christianity reads:

Q. 1. What is the chief end (purpose) of man? A. Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.

I think I’ll turn off the TV, my cell phone and computer, and take a walk today. Not for my health, but just to see things I wouldn’t normally see in my car at 30mph. Umbrella’s optional. There’s a lot of really good stuff out there. Then I’m going to tell Jesus “Thank You” for the cool stuff He did and does for us every moment of every day.

Maybe I’ll see you out there as well.

Blessings. Cory.

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