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Do you have a moment for someone else?

Hello Friends,

Who makes the world go ’round? I’m not referring to how the physical world actually spins in space. I mean who does the things that really lift the spirits of others high enough that they can rise from the mire and change their lives? I can’t seem to force myself to believe that corporations and government agencies are truly responsible for truly helping people. While these do good things from time to time, they aren’t where the rubber begins to smoke and cause the proverbial drag race car of reaching out to other people to quickly move up the dragstrip of life toward the victory line and away from that sluggish point they started from. The greatest works of love are done when the heart of God reaches through the hands of people.

People who care enough to volunteer their resources, in some way, are the ones who indeed bring hope to those who have none. It seems to me at Christmas time that more people volunteer to help the homeless and downtrodden. And indeed that is a good thing. And without taking away from these helps at that time of year, it is absolutely necessary and needed to help the people you can, during every season. I know I’ve lost plenty of opportunity to help people and I’ve been on the receiving end of much help myself. I’ve never been homeless, but I’ve been deep in the red in my checking account, someone gave me $5 for gas so I could get to work. That helped. I’ve lost loved ones, someone cried with me. That helped. I was at risk for an early heart attack, someone showed me something that could eliminate that risk. That helped. I was struggling with a relationship, someone took 30 minutes to talk and pray with me. That helped. This list could go on. And it does.

Your list goes on too. Just like mine. But are you also on the other end of the list? Do you take 30 minutes to talk and pray with someone who needs it? Do you take the opportunity to buy a homeless person a meal? The real personal work of the church is done by people like you and me. These actions are the ones that make us the hands and feet of God Himself.  Jesus instructed his disciples in Matthew 25:35-40 about reaching out to people in need because when we reach to these brothers we also reach to Him.  Notice in verse 35 for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in” Jesus brings simple things to light as ways of reaching out and blessing others.


So as you reach to help the hand of someone in need, whether the need is big or small remember to consider that you are touching the heart of God by doing so, and with that in mind, touch the heart of God as frequently as you can.



JD Shinn

Young Adults Ministry

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