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There is a song I like to sing to my 17-month old son. It’s called Do Not Worry and it’s based off some scripture found in Matthew 6. I’ll summarize it for you: Look at the birds and the flowers, they are taken care of by God – Don’t you know that you are worth so much more to him than that. So don’t worry about a thing.

I sing this to my son because I hope and pray that he grows up without the burdens of worry. I also sing it because I know that I need to hear it, I tend to worry about a lot of things. Maybe you do too. When I read this scripture, I think to myself that it sounds so simple – do not worry. Yet, here I am, with a list of worries a mile long. And then I tend to worry more because I worry that I worry too much. Hopefully I’m not the only one who falls into that trap!

But as I reflect more on Jesus’ words, I see an offer of grace. He knows we are going to worry. There are jobs that need to be found, people that need to be cared for, decisions to make that affect the future. And in our worry, Jesus invites us to come closer to him – “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you” (Matt 6:33). He extends to us an opportunity to know him more, to lean into him, to trust him. Because there is something beautiful about recognizing that we need him, that we cannot make it on our own. In drawing nearer to God, we acknowledge that he is the one who provides. So while I of course hope my son never worries about anything, I know that he probably will some day. So more than that, I hope he knows he can turn to God when he does. The bridge of that song goes like this:

So when you worry ’bout today or tomorrow

And the storms that they might bring

Try to remember that you’re in the hands

Of the God who made every single thing

Do Not Worry – Ellie Holcomb

As I pray that for my son, I pray it for myself, and for you too.

-Pastor Megan