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Stories, thoughts and reflections on the Bible from the WSFC Staff.

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Blessings Wrapped in Harsh Packages

Have you ever walked through a difficult conflict which, when all is said and done, turned out to be a blessing in disguise?   How about encountered a difficult person who ended up being used by God to help you through something? In Joshua 5:13-15 we see Joshua have just one of those types of…

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Candyfest 2019

Fall is definitely here. Kids are back in school, I’m looking forward to all the pie at Thanksgiving, and Costco has had their Christmas stuff out for over a month now. But we can’t rush ahead too far, because first comes HALLOWEEN. On a night that has the potential to be very dark spiritually, we…

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Ordinary Places

Little known fact: most of my spiritual awakenings have happened in very ordinary places. I’ve discovered God’s love for detail and beauty while putting my feet to the pavement on a run. I’ve been reminded to put my trust in God and not lean on my own understanding while standing barefoot over a stack of…

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The Fall Season

The Fall season has officially fallen upon us (like a load of bricks, in my opinion). Classically, we know this to be the time of year when we settle in, bundle up, light a fire and lower the blinds. The hours of daylight shorten, and we join with Simon & Garfunkel in singing: “Hello darkness,…

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Psalm 139

Often times when we talk about David, the ancient king whom the Old Testament gives thorough account for, we talk about his accomplishments.  Slaying giants.  Shepherd becoming king.  Ark establishing, prolific songwriter. What is often overlooked about his life is that at each major turning point David is faced with relational backlash from those who…

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Thankfulness and Personal Peace

A thankful, believing heart can enter into many blessings, especially God’s peace.  In my brief experience, forty-four years of seeking, believing and growing in Jesus, I have learned that it is always better to choose an expression of thankfulness and praise in every situation.  I don’t always do it, but I’m going to keep learning…

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Mary and Martha’s Grief

**Suggested reading: The Death of Lazarus – John 11:1-44 “Now Martha said to Jesus, “Lord if you had been here, my brother would not have died…” John 11:21 “Mary…fell down at Jesus’ feet saying “Lord. if you had been here, my brother would not have died…” John 11:32 Today as I read this story, the…

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Zacchaeus: Changed By Seeing Jesus

He stood there in anticipation.  He had heard rumors about this religious leader; one who had dealt so favorably with sinners like himself in the past.  Someone just like him, a publican, was even invited into the inner circle of twelve that had the opportunity to follow and learn from this Jesus – an unheard…

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Do Not Worry

There is a song I like to sing to my 17-month old son. It’s called Do Not Worry and it’s based off some scripture found in Matthew 6. I’ll summarize it for you: Look at the birds and the flowers, they are taken care of by God – Don’t you know that you are worth…

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Two days ago I was catching up on some work at a downtown Salem coffeeshop. It got to be around lunchtime and I was getting hungry. A downtown favorite for me is VENTI’S. Before heading there, I asked a local businessman and friend if he wanted to join me. His answer was YES. While crossing the street,…

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