Stories, thoughts and reflections on the Bible from the WSFC Staff.

Have you ever walked through a difficult conflict which, when all is said and done, turned out to be a blessing in disguise?   How about encountered a difficult person who ended up being used by God to help you through something?
In Joshua 5:13-15 we see Joshua have just one of those types of moments.
He was approached by a man with sword drawn.  Joshua’s immediate response was reasonable: “Are you for me or against me?”  But what he didn’t realize there was a third option for this mystery man to be approaching.  What looked on the surface to be a confrontation was actually God appearing to lead him into his next assignment: Jericho.
But he had to pause, question, listen, discern and respond.  Had he not, he could have ended up fighting God (quite literally) and missing what was next.
Whether it is difficult people God brings across our path or trials that leave us having to make the decision to either fight, run or embrace the tension,  how many “next assignments” have we missed because we didn’t discern what God was doing right then and there?
Sometimes our greatest blessings are wrapped in harsh packages. What and who God uses in these moments are not sent to help us feel safe where we are.  Nor were they meant to destroy us.  They were sent by God to help us move forward.
Today who are the people and what are the circumstances that are appearing difficult and maybe even confrontational, but could possibly be God’s gift to lead you into what He has next for you?
Pause. Question. Listen. And most importantly, discern and respond.  Those moments of recognizing God’s aid are holy ground.  They will draw you closer to Him and move you forward in God’s plan for you.
-Pastor Cris Buck