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Ask What, Not Why

Hello Friends,      

Over the last couple weeks I have been having some serious car trouble. So much so, that I have started calling myself the car curse. First someone backed into my car and left some damage, so I called in a claim with the insurance company and set up a time to get it fixed. Then, before I could get it fixed, I backed into an electrical box in a parking garage and caused some decent damage to the other side of my car. So I filed another claim, and was told that my car will be ready in two and a half to three WEEKS. That is a long time to be car-less. The good news was that my parents have my grandpa’s old ’89 Silverado sitting in their driveway—a great time to have a spare vehicle. I took it downtown to go shopping, and when I got back into the truck it wouldn’t start. I called AAA, they jumped the battery, and I was back on the road… until the truck died while I was driving. So, AAA towed my truck and the auto shop fixed my alternator and now I can be seen driving the streets of West Salem in a baby blue pick up. Please wave if you see me—I need all the encouragement I can get.

What does this have to do with anything? I’ll tell you. During Pastor Dan’s transparent and challenging message this weekend, one major thing caught my attention: when you are facing tragedy, hardships, bad days, etc., you rarely get the answer to “why”, but you can get an answer to “what”. What does God want to show you through this? What does he want to change in you? I started applying that to my own situation, and I realized that in the few days that I had no car, I didn’t like having to be dependent on other people for their help. And then it hit me. If I have trouble being dependent on people, I definitely have issues being dependent on God. So often I rely on my own strength and my own talents to get me through the day, but me trying to prove to God that I can do it all by myself doesn’t impress him. He is impressed by complete reliance on him and an understanding that it is only by HIS grace and power that I am able to accomplish anything.

So what does this look like? To be honest, I’m not 100% sure. For me, it means deepening my friendship with God—spending more time with him in his word, in prayer and in worship. It means sacrificing some of the things that waste my time. It means reestablishing him as my top priority. Will it be easy? Probably not all the time. But I have found that many things worth having take a lot of work.

Here’s to putting in the time and doing the work,

-Katie Mayer