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A WSFC Build Update

For the past week everyone has been asking, “What’s the latest on our new WSFC BUILD initiative?”  I’m glad you asked!   

But first, I need your help with something very important…

Since Pastor John introduced the WSFC BUILD initiative in January and pointed us toward the fundraising kickoff on March 4, something difficult has also been happening behind the scenes.  The Pastor asked that your gifts for the project be given over and above your regular financial support for our church family.  While enthusiasm for the project has been building up, our regular giving has fallen well behind.  Here’s where I am asking for your help – please provide your regular giving for the support of WSFC ministry so that we can continue fully funding ministry and mission.  During this 2018 winter season we have fallen approximately 25% short of our normal operating support level.  A limited reserve has been being used, and all bills are paid, but it might not last.  So, I thank you in advance for loving your church and stepping up.    

Now, here’s the update on our WSFC BUILD initiative…

FINANCIAL:  Since the March 4th opening pledges have been received totaling just over $200,000.00.  Of that amount, to date, approximately half of the pledged amount has already been paid.  So, including our $300,000.00 savings “nest egg”, the total of cash and pledges for the project is now just over $500,000.00.    If we had one of those good old thermometer graphs on the wall, the progress would be up over halfway to the announced goal. 

DESIGN/BUILD:  Our architect and project leader have received positive preliminary responses from the several key meetings:  The city building planners, the engineers, key suppliers, and some of the needed contractors.  After meetings with the plans inspectors and engineering firm, the finalized plans will be available for contractors to provide their prices and bids.  Some have already sharpened their pencils in their efforts to do their best for our project on price and quality because it is for the Lord.  I know this is very general information at this time, but that is the stage we are in at present. 

Here’s what you and I can do now

  1. Envision the finish.  The Lord Jesus has redeemed your imagination, so use it to imagine the blessing of more and better spaces where the church can gather, grow, and go forward in His name.  Imagine the hundreds, even thousands of people who will become more and better disciples over many years to come, in the finished project. 
  2. Pray with your whole heart, soul, mind, and strength.  This is how we partner with our Lord.  He blesses us from Heaven, and we enter into His will as we pray and declare His love and His way on earth. 
  3. Finish the work by giving all that is needed.   If you’re waiting to see if this project is real, you just read that it is, so now is the time to get in.  It is those who run the race that get the victory.  If you have already declared your pledge, then please fulfill your pledge. 

Please feel free to send any question you have to me directly at, and put WSFC BUILD in the subject line. 

We are on the way,   

Pastor Rich Marshall
Senior Associate Pastor