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A Word From Pastor John

Hello Friends,


I want to take few moments to express how blessed I was by the LORD and by HIS PEOPLE this last weekend.

At West Salem Foursquare Church we are coming off of six services for Good Friday and Easter.  In total 2683 people joined with us to celebrate The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We rejoice with the 26 people that stepped into the waters of baptism in order to identify with Jesus’ example and teachings. At one of the services an entire family decided to get baptized!

It was so moving to pray with 72 people coming to a point of salvation. We believe this is a very conservative number, in that it was difficult to capture exact amounts due to the volume of responses, especially at a few of the services. I recall agreeing with entire rows of people that were responding to Jesus!

Praise God!

But I want to go on and declare how blessed I was by God’s PEOPLE that served wholeheartedly. Hundreds of volunteers were mobilized to serve over the weekend. I’ve heard stories of children’s ministry workers that served 2 or more services then attended another with their family! From the parking lot to hospitality; from the worship & tech teams to those in the Connect Corner, people were committed to serving! Thank you.

And then if you were at our Good Friday service you would have heard from SEVEN amazing teachers (none of them “official” pastors!). Each lay person communicated powerfully and passionately. I, along with hundreds of folks that attended, were BLOWN AWAY at the level of wisdom and clarity in which each person shared regarding the final words of Jesus on the cross. WOW. Thank you.

And THANK YOU to each of you reading this. You are, in various ways, a part of the story of West Salem Foursquare Church. God is doing a deep and significant work in me, our leaders, and in those that attend our church, and for that we are grateful. If God is doing a work in your heart, don’t hesitate to let us know. Comment on this blog post or drop an email to

Our Best Days Are Ahead,

Pastor John