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In Pastor John’s most recent HELLO FRIENDS he included David’s words of praise from Psalm 122, “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go up to the House of the Lord.’” There is a great spiritual blessing contained in those words. But this summer, there is also a very practical parallel in considering the “pathway” that you and I travel on our way UP to West Salem Foursquare Church, the place we gather as the living House of the Lord.
Over the next 12 weeks, for many of us who love to gather at WSFC, the pathway to the House of the Lord will need to change. Not spiritually, mind you, but physically. If you use EOLA DRIVE to attend church then you’ll have to use a different path. From June 17 to August 31, EOLA DRIVE will be CLOSED. Around Labor Day weekend we will have a beautiful new road in its place. But, in the meantime, those who normally use EOLA DRIVE will need to choose between Glen Creek Road or Doaks Ferry Road as our pathway to the House of the Lord. Should you need to access HWY 22 from Doaks Ferry Road please be especially careful crossing against traffic – it’s a jungle down there!
All in all, it’s a small obstacle, so enjoy the ride and rejoice all the more as we grow together.
Blessings in His Grace,
Pastor Rich
P.S.  Hey, guess what…we are getting a nice blessing from the road construction company. A portion of the old asphalt from EOLA DRIVE will become a new surface for our gravel overflow parking area. They are trucking in the ground-up asphalt and leveling a new surface. You’ll enjoy the improvement.