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A Small Suprise

A few weeks ago while I was at a beach retreat, I decided to take a morning break from the scheduled activities to take a barefoot walk in the sand for about an hour or so. Partly I wanted some quiet time but I was also on a mission to find something I’ve been looking for my whole life. In fact, every time I get to the beach, I look for it. A large, untouched, unblemished sand dollar.

After I’d been walking for awhile and had pretty much given up finding one yet again, I noticed a very small object in the sand out of the corner of my eye. As I bent down to take a closer look, sure enough it was a sand dollar but it wasn’t the one I was expecting to find. It was very, very small. I picked it up and smiled. It was beautiful. There wasn’t a crack in it, and it had such detail and perfection over the top and bottom shell. God had surprised me in a different way and it wasn’t with something large and impressive, but rather something very small and quaint. I really had to look to even discover it.

I was reminded that sometimes God’s gifts come in small form. There are lots of things in this world that are big and overdone, really eye catching and grand. But how many times does God invite us to discover his love and goodness in small and unassuming ways? In Psalm 90:14 in The Message, you can sense the anticipation from the Psalmist to discover more of the Lord’s love, however it manifests. It says, “Surprise us with love at daybreak; then we’ll skip and dance all the day long.”

What unexpected gift from the Lord has surprised you and brought you joy recently? This summer, let’s ask for fresh eyes to discover the wonder, goodness and mercy of God, especially in the small things. Let’s identify them and give praise to God for his very specific and detailed surprises!

In Christ,
Kristin Chaney

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  1. Lauralee Jackson on July 29, 2018 at 2:41 pm

    I just listened to the message from July 24 and I hope many were inspired by it. Without Holy Spirit, (the oil) we have a dry religion. Pastor, I am thankful that you are leading with the oil.
    Love in Him,
    Lorie Jackson