Stories, thoughts and reflections on the Bible from the WSFC Staff.


Here is my reflection on John 19:25-27

I cannot begin to imagine the pain in her heart.  Watching as her son, beaten and bloody, gasps for air while hanging from that cross.  Every breath He takes is calculated based on the strength it would take on each inhale, and the pain He would feel on the exhale.

Her agony was only compounded by the fear of her future – single mom’s were to be taken care of by their children in those days.  And there was her eldest, moments from death.  Did she feel guilt for even thinking about her well being?

In heaven Jesus is the Son of God.  But on earth, He was the eldest son of Mary.  And now this Son catches a glimpse of His mom.

Why weren’t his brothers standing with her?

The fullness of His compassion floods His heart in what can only be a momentary distraction to the events at hand.

Then He sees (presumably) His best friend and disciple, John.

Jesus, the eldest son of Mary, knows what has to happen in this inconvenient moment.

Using some of his last calculated, painful breaths, Jesus transfers the care of Mary to John – undoubtedly bringing some relief to both.

I am sure Jesus was not trying to create a teachable moment for us.  Surely, in his humanity, the care of His mother was all He had in mind. But what was He modeling for us?

He showed us that in our pain, we still have the capacity for compassion.  Jesus modeled that for us in His pain.  He called John to it while John was struck with His own grief.  And we are called to it as well.

That capacity for compassion in the midst of pain is supernatural – given to us by the Holy Spirit.  But it is present within us, nonetheless.

So over this Easter weekend, look up and look around.  Who is in need of compassion around you?  Who can you uniquely care for this weekend?  The presence of your pain does not limit the outward stretch of your compassion.  That compassion will through you from God if you ask and are willing to act on it.

Today is a Good Friday to help someone in need.

Cris Buck
Executive Pastor