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3 Easter Declarations

Hello Friends,

I have THREE things that I want to DECLARE to you this week, as we move into a time of commemorating and celebrating the crucifixion AND resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord.
Normally in this space I would be broadcasting our service times so you can remind and/or rally your family and friends in order to pack the church out! Not this year due to capacity constraints, social distancing, etc. But praise be to God, our doors are OPEN (unlike last Easter) so that multiple hundreds of people (of all ages) can hear and respond to the message of Jesus. Not to mention the hundreds, potentially thousands joining us online at!
Instead, the three things I want to DECLARE to you are these:
1.  Up from the ashes, HOPE will arise.
We have been navigating a prolonged season of crisis, trauma, and grief; there’s no question of that. I want you to know, as your pastor and fellow sojourner, that from all that stuff,  hear me loved one:  HOPE. WILL. ARISE.
2.  Death is DEFEATED.
It hasn’t just been ignored, knocked down for a bit, stunned, or left temporarily unconscious.  It has been DEFEATED. Death to death. The cross and resurrection have the final word. And that final word is JESUS.
3.  The King is ALIVE.
That’s not to diminish the pain, or attempt to put “lipstick on a pig.” There’s no question, this has been a tough season, that has tried our patience and perseverance. Instead, this is speaking TRUTH to every area of our existence and experience. The truth is that Jesus is King and King Jesus is ALIVE.
Let’s hang onto these three things. Not just during Easter but each and every day of our lives!
Grace & Peace,