Stories, thoughts and reflections on the Bible from the WSFC Staff.


Our senses are our ability to perceive things. Think on this for a moment. What is the difference between taking of a bite of something and really tasting it? Between taking a breath and really breathing deep? Is there a difference between looking at something and really seeing it or between hearing something and really listening? And what…

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A Reminder

Sometimes I just need to be reminded. Oh, sure, I’ve got all the latest gadgets that keep reminding me of upcoming events, obligations, and to-dos. My laptop will post an alert. My phone will vibrate upcoming appointments. My Apple Watch will buzz on my wrist with calendar reminders.  We’ve come a long way from tying…

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His Presence

Hello Friends, This week I wanted to send you something that one of our elders Rod Chandler brought me this last Sunday during one of our services. He sensed that the Lord had given him a word for our church. He wrote it down and submitted it to me. I want to pass it onto…

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