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Hello Friends,

Today in my PAUSE Bible Reading Plan I, along with a friend spent some time in 2 Timothy 2 (it’s great to have your devotional time with other people, by the way).

The opening verse of this chapter is worth looking closely at:  You then, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” Paul’s encouragement to Timothy was to lean into the grace of Jesus and thereby discover a fresh sense of HIS strength and provision. In Jesus exists that which is available, with such perfection and passion, in any other source!

His grace is available to you and I.

His grace is sufficient for you and I.

His strength is made perfect in the weakness of you and I.

His strength is discovered best when we are at the end of our ability to “pull it off.”

Loved ones, lean into, and discover true strength, from the best source:  Christ Jesus.